Wrongful Death Lawyers

Pursuing Justice for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One Through the Negligence of Others

A wrongful death suit may be brought by the deceased's family against any person, persons or company considered to be negligent in causing their loved one's death. The Law Offices of Thomas P. Willingham, P.C., has successfully handled many wrongful death suits. We thoroughly examine every aspect of the accident that caused your loved one's death to determine the responsible party or parties for his or her death.

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Fatal Accident Attorneys

Most cases of accidental death are caused by someone else's negligence. Car crashes, defective products and malfunctioning equipment can all lead to the death of a person you care about, leaving you to grieve his or her loss. Our job is to make sure the company whose negligence caused the accident never harms anyone else and gain justice for you and your family by holding those who caused the death of, or failed to correctly protect, your loved one accountable.

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