Tire Defects

Our tire defect attorneys have a considerable background in tire litigation and have accumulated a wealth of information pertaining to tire defect cases. Our lawyers have successfully handled tire lawsuits against nearly every major wheel manufacturer, including tires made by Cooper, Firestone, Michelin, Bridgestone, B.F. Goodrich, Yokahama, Uniroyal, Goodyear and Khomo. Tire litigation is complex and there are a number of problems that can affect your tire's performance. If a tire suddenly experiences a blowout, loses tread or the tire belt peels off and separates from the tire completely, it may make the vehicle uncontrollable and in turn cause a serious accident. Many tire failure situations result in crashes or very dangerous rollover accidents which can cause serious injuries or even death.


Few drivers know the age of their tires, but old tires can be more prone to blowouts and tread separations due to the rubber drying out over time. Unfortunately, even tires that have set on store shelves for many years can still be sold as new. There are currently no age restrictions on the sale of tires in the U.S. and most experts say the useful life of a tire is only 4 to 6 years. You can check the age of a tire by looking at the DOT number on the sidewall of the wheel. The last four digits of the number stand for the week and year that the tire was manufactured.

Tire blowouts often occur as the result of a defect in the tire. Defects in tires can occur in the manufacturing process in which specifications are not met because the manufacturing plant's practices are sub-standard. They can also occur in the design of the tire. Design defects that contribute to tread separation include deficient skim stock and the lack of nylon overlays.

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If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car wreck while because of a defective tire or tire blowout, we have the experience and the expertise to determine the complex issues involved in tire litigation. We have prosecuted many tire cases on behalf of our clients and their families with great success. For a free consultation to discuss a tire blowout case, contact the Law Offices of Thomas P. Willingham, P.C. Let us deal with the tire manufacturer to get justice for you and your family.

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